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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Procrastination Two-step

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Two posts in as many days, I am on a roll here people! I really suspect this is just avoidance behavior on my part as I have a to-do list longer then a roll of toilet paper but this morning instead of of tackling anything on it I couldn't help but be drawn into reading about the last week leading up to Guilty Secret's wedding this past Saturday. Oh beautiful girl, your story has made me laugh and cry- I can't wait to see and hear all about this special day and those sparklers!

But I'm nothing if not multi-tasker so as I ignore the little things on my list such as go through my clothes, belongings and generally try and figure a way to condense my life to two suitcases and a carry on bag for a flight that is a little over a month away, I am also going through the extensive amount of music I have managed to accumulate on my computer. I mean seriously, I could hit play and not hear the same song for a little over a year with what I have on here- How did this happen? Did the files breed when I wasn't looking? I love music, I love having it on while I work and play and many of the moments of my life are wrapped up in lyrics and rhythms that can be brought back in a random song played on the radio. But apparently I will also download any old thing that catches my eye (or ear) because the amount of crap in my music library is shocking. I wont name names here, because one woman's atonal garbage is another's heartfelt favorite but I'm seriously starting to wonder if I've been downloading music in my sleep because I don't even recognize some of this stuff. Sigh.

As I sit here, type and listen to music that varies from good to bad to god awful I realize that after being hyper-organized for months concerning the visa process I am slightly burnt out with to-do lists and having every last thing planned. This is not a good state to be in when facing a trans-Atlantic move or an April wedding. It's all about small steps forward at this point and apparently realizing that the weight of the music in my laptop isn't exactly going to tip the scales at the airport at the end of the day...

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