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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Gotta Be The Shoes...

Right, 3 months & change between posts is a bit unacceptable even for a seasoned slacker such as myself! My only excuse is that they have been a busy 3 months but still... At least I can happily report that I am now with my Honey in England and things are coming together (only a little over a month till the wedding now) after much madness in the beginning.

With so much time between posts I'm a bit spoiled for choice on where to start with what to write about but I think I'm just going to dive into the middle and talk about my shoes. I've actually got 2 pairs for the day, heels and flats. I've justified this to myself on two fronts: One, some women wear 2 dresses for their weddings so in the grander scheme of things switching shoes is really a rather small thing and Two, because of a freak polka accident in Scotland in 1997 I've had 2 ankle surgeries and lived in Doc Martins for almost 11 years so my high heel walking abilities are rather non-existent. After the 2nd surgery, heels have been put back in my shoe wearing mix (oh how I've missed them!) and never one to do anything by halves, I've chosen these lovelies to wear on the day:

I knew from the word go that wearing a tea length vintage style dress demanded bright shoes and my wonderful cousin managed to find these in a sea of black stiletto heeled shoes that made me despair. I fell in love immediately but I'm not totally insane so I knew I would need a back up plan as well. Who knew flats would be such a pain in the ass to find?? So many of them are just so friggen boring or uncomfortable or both it's shocking! I just wanted something fun that was comfortable enough that I could dance with My Honey in at the reception secure in the knowledge that they will not make me bleed, fall on my ass or fly off my feet and hit a loved one in the head or break anything at the venue. Surely this isn't too much to ask? Hmmmm.... After months of searching shops and online I finally found the pair that seem to be the answer:

They are comfy, they are odd but I love them and they don't let me slip around the floor but I can still dance in them quite nicely (in the interest of full disclosure I did have a bit of a boogie around the kitchen floor in them just to check this out). I had it narrowed down to these and funky pair of leopard print flats by Rocket Dog but in the end, as cute as those were, these won out in the comfort/secure fit stakes.

So I am able to cross find flat shoes off the list and move on to the numerous other things left- woo woo!

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Cate Subrosa said...

That is so cute, Puma pumps gone bridal. And I love the pink ones. Nice choices.