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Friday, November 14, 2008

I love My Mailman

Just a quick one today (well, quick for me anyway!;) because I have to share what arrived in the post earlier. Today was a brilliant day for mail, I got my first shower present, this months Vanity Fair with Kate Winslet on the cover who I just love to pieces and then to my great excitement, the garter I ordered a little over a month ago from etsy seller Peterene Design!

I'm a big fan of buying from independent businesses/crafts people when and where possible and when the item turns out this beautiful then I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. Now when it comes to bridal/wedding traditions I'm not a big one for some of them. I have no intention of letting my honey reach up under my dress in front of a crowd of family & friends- it's just not on my list of things to do in my life time. Also since I'm not totally convinced about the bouquet toss (too many weddings where I was forced to declare my single status in honor of this tradition have left a bad taste in my mouth- do women over the age of say 12/13 really enjoy it? Any thoughts?) having a garter toss would just be odd. But I still love the idea of wearing one. They may be slightly old fashioned but that's part of their appeal to me- that and the same appeal of any nice special undergarments- only you and (hopefully) a special few know that you have them on. So when I stumbled upon Peterene's site I couldn't help myself, my only problem was choosing between all that she had to offer. I finally narrowed it down and in then end this is the one that arrived this morning!
Image Source: Peterene Design

Maybe because I have so few tangible wedding related things here in the states it was just such a thrill to get this today- It made an otherwise gray & rainy Friday morning infinitely more cheery. Have a good weekend everyone! xx

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An Atlanta Bride said...

so cute! so different! :)